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Connecting with other Ramsays

We have two ways for Clan Ramsay members and other Ramsays to connect: email lists and message boards.  There are some other choices too.  What's the difference?  It's a big question, but it comes down to three main choices:

  1. Email lists vs. message boards
    1. Email lists involve subscribing to a list with other people who are on the same list.  Anyone in the list can send an email to the list and everyone on the list sees the message.  You receive emails as often as someone sends email to the list.
    1. Message boards do not require a subscription.  You can post and message and never see anything from that message board again.  You see messages when you visit the board.
  2. Clan Ramsay information vs. genealogy information
    1. The Clan Ramsay lists and board are for discussing clan history, symbols, events, etc.
    2. The Ramsay and Ramsey lists and boards are for discussing Ramsay/Ramsey genealogy.
    3. The Ramsey DNA Project email list is for discussion and sharing of information regarding DNA projects for the Ramsey surname and variations (e.g., Ramsay, Ramzey).
  3. For email lists, digest vs. regular mode.
    1. Regular mode subscription means you get an email every time someone sends an email to the list.
    2. Digest mode subscription means you get the email clumped together, so you get them once or twice a day.

Items posted to the message boards also happen to go to the corresponding email list


How Do I Choose?

Are you interested in genealogy? Try the Ramsay or Ramsey email lists or message boards, or the DNA email list.

Are you interested in questions about the history of the Clan Ramsay, or the crest, coat-of-arms, etc.? Try the Clan Ramsay email list or message board.

Are you interested receiving email?  Try an email list.

Would you rather post your message on a board?  Try the message boards.


How Do I Sign Up?

No subscription is necessary for message boards, just visit the Ramsay, Ramsey, and/or Clan Ramsay message boards.

The following links should subscribe you to the desired list

These lists and message boards are maintained by Rootsweb.  Please contact them with any questions or problems.


The Clan Ramsay Association cares about your privacy.  We do not sell our membership list to anyone and Rootsweb ensures that your email address in the CLAN-RAMSAY email list is protected.  Rootsweb email lists are protected from viruses as well.

Should you have concerns about your privacy, please contact one of the Clan Ramsay officers.